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DnD Companion

1.23 usd

Create and manage all your D&D 4e gaming characters with DnD Companion!You will never need a paper character sheet again!DnD Companion keeps track of all of your characters’ information – Experience, Defenses, Abilities, Skills, Hit Points, Surges, Action Points, Powers, Feats, Gear, Treasure, Notes, and more.
Maintain multiple characters, and fluidly switch between them. Save your character information to an external file which can be imported onto your other mobile devices.
Easily add new powers, feats, gear, and treasure using the specialized input fields. Sort your powers, feats, and gear as you like, and equip/unequip gear at will.
Edit your experience and abilities to automatically update your defenses and skills.
Effortlessly view your character information on the clean, intuitive interface. Switch between portrait and landscape view at any time.
Consult the in-app information page for detailed descriptions of the functionalities.
So use DnD Companion for all your D&D 4th edition games!